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Let’s help you optimize your physical functions through evidence-based therapeutic interventions.

For people of all ages, independence is a crucial factor in living a quality life. However, with injuries, aging, and medical conditions, one may suffer from a gradual decline in health and physical performance. With Trinity’s rehabilitative therapy services, we aim to help our clients maintain their independence in the comfort of home.

Our therapists specialize in the following services:

Physical Therapy

Improve your balance, alleviate your pain, and manage your injuries with the help of our physical therapists. This therapy can also help patients who have undergone recent surgery. Rest assured, you’ll feel a lot better after a few therapy sessions!

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy uses a practical approach to regain your abilities to perform everyday responsibilities, including self-care. With this type of therapy, our team will determine what causes your physical limitations to design a customized therapeutic plan for you.

Speech Therapy

Do you or a loved one suffer from communication disabilities or swallowing challenges? Speech therapists can help you. This type of therapy focuses on improving a person’s eating as well as speaking skills to promote a better quality of life.


Our home health team is always ready to lend an ear. Feel free to reach out through our contact form for your concerns.